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Ukip councillor stands by 'send them back' video

Ukip politician Victoria Ayling has hit her party with a new racism row after footage was published in which she said all immigrants to Britain should be sent home. The councillor defected from the Conservatives in March 2013.

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Ukip's Ayling 'must apologise' for immigration remarks

Labour MP David Hanson wants Victoria Ayling to apologise. Credit: Labour Party

Shadow immigration minister David Hanson called for an apology after comments made by Ukip councillor Victoria Ayling.

"This type of offensive language should have no place in modern Britain," he said.

"British people do not deserve to be 'sent back home' because this is their home.

"It has taken us years to defeat the ideology and language of the NF [National Front] and the views of the BNP [British National Party] and they should not be resurrected by someone calling themselves a serious politician.

"She needs to apologise and repudiate the use of this type of language and thinking."

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