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Regular exercise 'cuts risk of dementia', researchers claim

Regular exercise could radically cut the risk of dementia, Cardiff University researchers claim. They studied the lifestyles of 2,235 men over a 35-year period. David Cameron is hosting a conference with major nations about the disease on Wednesday.

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Healthy lifestyle leads to '60% decline' in dementia risk

Consistently following a healthy lifestyle could lead to a 60% drop in the chance a man has of developing dementia, a 35-year-long study into the disease has conlcuded.

Researchers at Cardiff University found male non-smokers who exercised regularly, stuck to a healthy diet, limited their alcohol intake and kept their bodyweight low reduced their risk.The report also said:

  • Those who stuck to at least four out of five points of a healthy lifestyle reduced their chance of cognitive decline by 60%.
  • There were also 70% drop in the cases of diabetes, heart disease and stroke by those who lived healthily.

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