Teen to finish mother's guide to raising daughters

A 13-year-old girl has decided to complete her mother's guide to raising daughters after she died from cancer.

Lucy Worthington, 41, had began writing the manual for her husband on how to bring up their four young daughters, but lost her eight-year battle with bone cancer in November.

Now, her eldest child, Emily will draw on all the advice and tips she picked up from her mother, from plaiting hair to "all the little things that mum used to do" to finish the guide.

The guide includes chapters on how to plait hair as well as issues such as coping with puberty. Credit: Press Association

The teenager is quoted in The Times as saying: "Dad doesn’t know how to plait hair or do anything girly so we have to teach him.

“I need to make sure that he picks nice clothes for us all, as mum always wanted us to look our best -but as long as he takes us shopping with him I’m sure he can pick some nice things.

“I remember all the little things that mum used to do, just things that made her a little special, and I want to make sure that the girls learn all of those too and never forget the things mum did for us.”