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Mandela's daughter: 'I haven't shed a tear yet'

Nelson Mandela's daughter Zindzi exclusively told ITV News she has yet to cry following her father's death.

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Mandela's daughter: I forgave him for not being there

In an exclusive interview with ITV News, Zindzi Mandela said she had a "sense of bitterness" towards her father Nelson Mandela for not being there all those years he was in prison but that she had forgiven him.

She told ITV News presenter Mark Austin, "Obviously that fell away when we bonded and became closer".

Ms Mandela said she later snubbed her father, explaining: "I wasn't happy with him and the way in which I felt he had treated my mother, I felt he could have treated her better.

"Then I came back and again we rekindled our relationship. I think it is so important that that happened because then I made my peace with him.

"I actually sat with him and I just told him about all the hurt I'd felt over the years - how I felt let down, how I felt like we were never a priority, and in that conversation I forgave him".

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