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Nelson Mandela buried as South Africa says final farewell

Tributes have been paid to former anti-apartheid leader and South African president Nelson Mandela at his funeral in his home province of Qunu.

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'Great son of the world, Madiba showed us the way'

Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda paid a lengthy tribute to Nelson Mandela's life, interspersed with humorous quips and a crowd-pleasing jig to start.

"This great son of the world - not only of South Africa - Madiba showed us the way. Whether you are white, black, yellow or brown, you are all God's children," he said.

Over-running his time allocation, Kaunda joked that the master of ceremonies was "chasing me away" - but he insisted it was important to remember that even in death, Nelson Mandela is "still Madiba, our leader."

He also thanked Winnie Mandela for her life's work with her former husband.

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