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Coalition split over EU free movement reforms

A furious row has broken out at the heart of the coalition Government over the right of European Union nationals to work in the UK, with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg branding Home Office proposals "illegal and undeliverable".

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  1. Emma Murphy

Romanians leaving children behind to work in UK

Toader Ciuta has two daughters both working in the UK. He cares for one of their daughters, four-year-old Teodora Ana Maria, who he has raised since she was four-months-old.

“For us the important thing is that our children have a future and we will take care of their kids, our grandchildren.

“We need to keep them safe and raise them because in Romania there are not any other options to earn the money that is needed to raise a family. It is a sacrifice for us all but we understand it is necessary.

“One day everything will be normal. Those who went away will have earned a good living and will come back to Romania, their children and their families. They can then raise their own children.

“Here in Romania there are big and serious problems, people do not have work, do not have a decent salary, there are very few people working here with good wages, and our children do not have the same opportunity that we, the old, had.

"They are obliged to leave and earn their bread far away from here, to provide for their families. And we, the old, are obliged to take care of the little ones and we have a lot of affection for them.”

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