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Zero hours contracts 'to stay'

A 12-week consultation into zero hours contracts will be launched by Business Secretary Vince Cable. He said they had a place in the labour market, but was concerned some companies were abusing them.

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Zero hours contracts 'beneficial' to some employees

Zero hours contracts can be "beneficial for students, older workers or with caring duties" according to a business chief.

John Wastnage, head of employment at the British Chambers of Commerce, welcomed Vince Cable's consultation into zero hours contracts but warned against demonising the controversial business practice.

We welcome the Government's consultation as an opportunity to ensure best practice, but without jeopardising employment opportunities.

Much of the negativity surrounding zero hours contracts misunderstands the vital role they can play in creating jobs.

For example, they can be beneficial for students, older workers or those with caring duties who don't want to be constrained by a fixed contract, and they allow employers to experiment with new services or markets.

– British Chambers of Commerce John Wastnage

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