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Councils make '£594m in profit' from parking charges

Councils are taking home record profits from parking charges, according to the RAC Foundation. Quoting government data, the motoring charity found a combined surplus of £594 million across England for on and off-street parking during 2012/13.

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Parking charge data 'peddles the myth' of profit

Figures used by the RAC to show how much money is paid in parking charges "peddles the myth" councils use them to make a profit, according to the Local Government Association.

Peter Box, chairman of the Local Government Association's economy and transport board, said the money generated when back into parking services or was used to bring "our dilapidated road network up to scratch".

This report further peddles the myth that councils are using parking charges to raise money.

The reality is that the average motorist is paying 30 times more to Whitehall in charges and taxation each year than they do to their town hall through parking.

Councils are on the side of hard-pressed motorists by keeping a lid on parking charges.

Many already publish annual parking reports to be open and transparent with residents and combat the deep-rooted misconception that they are being used to raise money.

– Peter Box of the Local Government Association

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