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Councils make '£594m in profit' from parking charges

Councils are taking home record profits from parking charges, according to the RAC Foundation. Quoting government data, the motoring charity found a combined surplus of £594 million across England for on and off-street parking during 2012/13.

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RAC: 'Record profits' from parking charges

Councils raked in the cash last year thanks to parking charges, according the RAC Foundation.

The four councils which took the most money were all in London, according to the foundation. Credit: PA

Local authorities across England generated a combined profit of £594 million from their on and off-street parking operations throughout 2012/13, the foundation said.

Quoting data from the department of communities and local government, the RAC said there was a 5% increase of the surplus of £565 million from the previous year.

Only 52 of the 353 councils in England reported a deficit in 2012/13.

RAC Foundation director Professor Stephen Glaister said: "There's no disputing the figures we have looked at. They are the numbers the councils themselves submit to central government.

He added: "What's more, council budgets show that the surplus for the current year is set to be higher."

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