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Councils make '£594m in profit' from parking charges

Councils are taking home record profits from parking charges, according to the RAC Foundation. Quoting government data, the motoring charity found a combined surplus of £594 million across England for on and off-street parking during 2012/13.

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Councils 'required' to put parking money into roads

Peter Fleming said councils were required "by law" to put parking charge revenue into local transport projects. Credit: DaybreakITV

Councils do not make a profit out of car parking fees as every penny raised from motorists has to go back into "transport related things" like road maintenance and free bus passes, a local councillor told Daybreak.

Peter Fleming, who is also a spokesman for the Local Government Association, hit out at reports which said councils raked in almost £600m from parking charges over the last year.

"The RAC report calls is a profit. Well of course, councils do not make a profit. Councils use that money to provide services that we all use."

He continued: "What councils have to do, by law, is any money they raise by street parking...has to be spent on transport related things."

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