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Draft Northern Ireland peace plan published online

Northern Ireland's political leaders have published a draft agreement on outstanding peace process issues only hours after Executive parties failed to reach consensus on the proposals.

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N Ireland: Final agreement 'must be struck' by Monday

Richard Haass was asked to lead talks after a violent summer of parade and protests. Credit: REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton

A final agreement on dealing with Northern Ireland's troubled past, parades and flags must be struck by Monday, the independent chairs of all-party talks has said.

Earlier, Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter Robinson and leader of the Democratic Unionist Party said part of the political deal proposed by former US diplomat Dr Richard Haass is "unworkable".

"There's a large part of the document I could readily bring to the party, there are other elements that render the rest unworkable.

Peter Robinson (right) has criticised Dr Haas' proposal. Credit: REUTERS/Paul Hackett

"I hope he (Dr Haass) will be able to see a conclusion and we're still optimistic it can be reached, but it won't be reached by us fudging issues or doing something more abruptly than we would otherwise want to," said Mr Robinson

Dr Haass has warned the individual parties will not get all they want and difficult choices will have to be made but the alternative to agreement had been seen in recent trouble on the streets.

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness says no agreement would be 'embarrasing'. Credit: REUTERS/David Moir

Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness told the BBC:

"I just think that for Richard Haass and (vice chair) Meghan O'Sullivan to leave here without making an agreement would be a terrible embarrassment for politicians, for the process, and would clearly show a lack of leadership qualities in terms of facing up to these very difficult challenges."

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