Georgia magnetic man sets new 'spoon' record

An ex-Soviet kick-boxing coach from Georgia has set a new record, using his rather rare talent, the ability to attract metal to his body.

Etibar Elchyev, 41, discovered his talent of attracting metal things to his body few years ago. He set a new record on Friday by holding 53 spoons on his back and chest. Elchyev says by doing this he has also set a world record for magnetic body attraction.

Speaking of his plans for the future Elchyev said:"When the time comes I am going (to move) an airplane, then an empty train carriage, something like this, I won't reveal all my cards at once."

Human magnetism is held by some as ability attributed to either science or supernatural powers. Sceptics say the ability to attach things to a human body has nothing to do with magnetism, but other factors, such as the stickiness of a person's skin.