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Migrants and overseas visitors face charges for A&E

Overseas visitors and migrants who require accident and emergency treatment from the NHS in England are to be charged, the Government has announced.

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Expert: Health A&E tourism 'not a big problem for NHS'

Health tourism in A&E is "not a big problem for the NHS" and plans to crackdown on foreign nationals using NHS services is more of "an issue around migration", according to one health expert.

Former NHS Manager Roy Lilley admitted it was not "right to come here and rip off the system" but said health tourism in A&E was "a London centric problem".

Lilley was also sceptical about the practicality of policing health tourism. He told Daybreak:

Do you put a chip and pin machine in A&E, which is the harbinger of all kinds of things people really don't want to see in A&E.

How do you turn the doctors and nurses into the border agency? The simplest thing to do with foreign national is to make them sign for whatever health care they get and we send the bill off to the embassy.

– Former NHS Manager Roy Lilley

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