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Migrants and overseas visitors face charges for A&E

Overseas visitors and migrants who require accident and emergency treatment from the NHS in England are to be charged, the Government has announced.

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Senior doctor: Health tourism costs NHS 'billions'

Health tourism is costing the NHS "billions" according to one high ranking doctor, who disputed government figures on the cost of foreign nationals coming to the UK solely for free healthcare.

Professor Meirion Thomas said he had been supplied with "case studies" of benefit tourism and compiled a costing of all the services used himself, which amounted to "two to three billion pounds".

The senior cancer surgeon was also critical of the services the Government had decided would remain free to all:

They have already said that GP services are going to be free that is because of the spurious argument of infectious diseases.

HIV is the one that really matters but if you start treatment on HIV today for example, you will still be infectious for 3-6 months until your viral load drops, so it doesn't make sense to change the whole process of entitlement.

– Professor Meirion Thomas

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