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Top teachers 'could earn £70k' under performance pay system

Top teachers could earn up to £70,000 a year under the new performance-related pay system, according to a new report.

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Teachers' pay system must be 'transparent and fair'

Teaching is one of the most important jobs in this country, the head of education at Policy Exchange has said, as a new report suggests that a performance-based pay system could help attract more graduates. Jonathan Simons from the think-tank said:

We want to treat teachers like professionals. And we want schools to have the flexibility to reward and retain their best teachers and to use them to improve outcomes for young people. That's why we believe that performance-related pay is necessary in English schools, and why we think so much of the ideological opposition to the reforms is misguided.

But we agree with the thoughtful teachers who support this in principle but are cautious about how this will be implemented. To see the benefits we need to have a carefully designed system that works properly and that is transparent and fair.

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