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Cameron under pressure for TV debate with Salmond

David Cameron has come under renewed pressure for a public debate with Alex Salmond following his New Year anti-independence message and a new SNP poll which suggests many British people want to see them go head-to-head on television.

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Salmond renews challenge to Cameron over TV debate

In a new letter to Number 10, Alex Salmond told the Prime Minister that his New Year plea to Scots to stay in the UK undermined this argument not agree to a public debate, since independence is a decision for the people of Scotland.

I note that you used the centre-piece of your New Year address to attack Scottish independence.

It seems that you want to dictate the terms of the debate about Scotland's future without taking the democratic responsibility to defend your views in open debate. That is simply unacceptable.

The reality is that your Government, in line with its predecessors, is itching to cut Scotland's funding in the event of a No vote whilst simultaneously directing its tax-payer funded resources to direct the case against an independent Scotland.

– Alex Salmond in a letter to David Cameron

Mr Salmond also accused Mr Cameron of using Scottish public funds in the anti-independence campaign, and then plotting to cut Scotland's budget if it votes no.

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