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PM favours 'cash for homes' near shale drilling sites

David Cameron said he favours cash payments to householders in compensation for the inconvenience caused by shale gas drilling near their properties.

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Government accused of bribing councils into fracking

The Government has come under fire from environmentalists for trying to "bribe" councils, by allowing them to keep all the tax revenue generated by 'fracking' in their area.

Lawrence Carter of Greenpeace said:

This is a naked attempt by the government to bribe hard pressed councils into accepting fracking in their area.

Cameron is effectively telling councils to ignore the risks and threat of large-scale industrialisation in exchange for cold hard cash.

But the proposal reveals just how worried the government is about planning applications being turned down.

Having had their claims that fracking will bring down energy bills and create jobs thoroughly discredited, the government is now resorting to straight up bribery to sell their deeply unpopular fracking policy.

– Lawrence Carter of Greenpeace

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