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Supermarkets still feeling impact of horsemeat scandal

Almost one third of shoppers have lost in faith in their supermarket's ability to provide uncontaminated meat a year on from the horse meat scandal. It emerged horse meat DNA had been found in frozen burgers in mid-January last year.

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Shopping habits 'changed' by horse meat scandal

Almost one third are disillusioned with their supermarket after the horse meat scandal at the beginning of last year, a poll for Daybreak has revealed.

The Peter Boddy slaughterhouse, one of two British processing plants which were raided and shut down because of the horse meat scandal. Credit: PA

A One Poll survey found almost one third no longer had faith in supermarkets after traces of horse DNA were found in Tesco value burgers in mid-January 2013.

More than a third now spent extra time checking the contents of their food, the poll revealed.

A further 25% had stopped buying value food products altogether.

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