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'Huge rise' in domestic violence victims at risk of losing children

There has been a "huge rise" in victims of domestic violence at risk of losing their children, according to new research by charity Family Rights group. It claims social services are more cautious because of high-profile child murders like Baby P.

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Social services 'failing domestic violence victims'

Social services are failing victims of domestic violence by putting an increasing amount of children on child protection plans and into care, without providing support to enable mothers to leave violent partners, the chief executive of Family Rights Group told ITV News

Women are being failed by social services, losing their children and sometimes being unable to get them back. Credit: PA Wire

Cathy Ashley said agencies have become more risk averse in the wake of the Baby P killing and are more likely to put children on child protection plans that result in the child being taken away from the violent household.

Family Rights Group said the number of women contacting them for assistance whose children are subject to a child protection plan due to domestic abuse has increased by 108% in the past two years.

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