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Jury in Bill Roache trial retires to consider verdicts

The jury in the trial of Coronation Street actor William Roache has retired to consider its verdicts. Roache denies two counts of rape and four counts of indecent assault.

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  1. ITV News Correspondent Damon Green

Alleged Roache victim: 'I have buried this for 47 years'

The woman has also described the second time she says Bill Roache assaulted her, a few months later.

This attack she described as lasting just a few minutes - again in complete silence. Roache overpowered her, she says, by pressing her against a wall with his arm.

"I was only tiny when I was in my teens," she told the court. "He was much bigger than me. I was trying to find a way out, but he was bigger than me. I couldn't manoeuvre myself at all. But he wasn't prepared to let me go until he was ready."

Roache's barrister, Louise Blackwell, asked for details of what happened immediately afterwards.

But the woman said: "I never thought I'd ever repeat these events. I buried them for 47 years. Now you ask me to recall every single detail, I just can't do it."

The 62-year-old says she suffered from depression for several years after the attacks took place.

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