Case against US Google Glass driver dismissed

A US woman who was stopped by police and given a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving has had her case dropped after a traffic court in California found no proof the device was operating at the time.

Defendant Cecilia Abadie smiles after appearing in traffic court to win her Google Glass case.

Technology entrepreneur Cecilia Abadie, who was testing the device for Google Inc, was pulled over for speeding in San Diego in October and also given a citation for using a visual "monitor" in her car while driving, in what the Highway Patrol said was a violation of state law.

However, Court Commissioner John Blair dismissed the citation against the 44-year-old on the grounds of a lack of proof that her Google Glass was turned on while she was driving.

"I believe we have to start experimenting with devices like this," Abadie said. "As a hands-free device it is safer than a cell phone."

Blair also dismissed the speeding ticket against Abadie, because of a lack of evidence.