David Cameron: Pop stars shouldn't swear

David Cameron has spoken out against bad language in pop music and Miley Cyrus' twerking antics, in an intimate interview about his family life.

The Prime Minister has hit out at swearing in pop songs. Credit: PA

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, the prime minister said that although his own children aren't aware of Miley Cyrus' transformation from "lovely" Disney star Hannah Montana to controversial pop princess, they have picked up on swearing in pop hits.

He revealed that Nancy, nine, Elwen, seven, and Florence, three, are banned from having video games, mobile phones or tablets and from watching TV on weekend mornings.

"My children are too young. Luckily they haven't connected this lovely Hannah Montana, who is now this person twerking," he said.

But he had not been able to protect his children from some of the bad language in modern music, although he acknowledged he sometimes swore too.

"They say, 'Daddy, that's the bad this or that word'. They are very conscious of that and they don't approve of swearing," he said.

"They are quite right - the artists are wrong to swear, although I can't say I totally live by those rules myself."