Children growing up in 'toxic climate of stress'

Fear of failure in exams contributed to a culture of stress and pressure. Credit: PA

Children and young people growing up in an "unprecedented toxic climate" of stress and pressure, according to a new poll.

Fear of failure, bullying, pressure to try and be thin and feeling depressed were some of the issues complained of by the 2,000 youngsters aged 11 to 25 who were quizzed in a poll commissioned for national charity YoungMinds.

Over half of children and young people believed they would be a failure if they did get good grades, half the youngsters said they had been bullied, while a third of the youngsters said they did not know where to turn to get help when they feel depressed or anxious.

YoungMinds campaigns director Lucie Russell said: "Every day we hear about the unprecedented toxic climate children and young people face in a 24/7 online culture where they can never switch off."