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Clegg: Mental health issues should be 'out of the shadows'

Standards of care for the mentally ill need to rise, said the deputy prime minister, who is starting a campaign to "bring mental health out of the shadows". Nick Clegg dubbed attitudes towards mental health "outdated".

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Clegg: 'Change of attitude' on mental health needed

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said "a change of attitude" towards mental health is needed as he starts a campaign to bring the issue "out of the shadows."

We've provided about £400 million for new talking therapies and over £50 million to make sure there are therapies available to children across the country over the next several years.

Money is important and more money is being put into those therapies that we think aren't being provided overall.

But a change in attitude is just as important as the money, because if we can't encourage people to treat mental health in exactly the same way as we treat physical health, it will always be somehow brushed under the carpet in the NHS.

– Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg speaking to BBC1's Breakfast

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