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Govt to deny housing benefit to jobless immigrants

Unemployed immigrants will be prevented from claiming housing benefit under plans put forward by senior ministers in a bid to prevent people exploiting the UK's welfare state, the Government announced. Restrictions will come into force in April.

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Govt to prohibit housing benefit for jobless immigrants

Out-of-work immigrants will not be entitled to housing benefits according to new plans proposed by senior ministers in a national newspaper.

Unemployed immigrants should not be allowed to claim housing benefit, the Government said. Credit: PA

Writing in the Daily Mail, Home Secretary Theresa May and Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said the measure would apply from April.

The move to stop access to housing benefit follows legislation rushed through Parliament to prevent migrants from claiming out-of-work benefits until they have been in the country for three months.

The Cabinet ministers said: "No longer can people come here from abroad and expect to get something for nothing."

They said immigration had made a "tremendously rich contribution to our country, both culturally and in terms of the talent it brings - but it must be controlled".

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