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Clegg: Mental health issues should be 'out of the shadows'

Standards of care for the mentally ill need to rise, said the deputy prime minister, who is starting a campaign to "bring mental health out of the shadows". Nick Clegg dubbed attitudes towards mental health "outdated".

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Journalists urged to rely less on 'negative stereotyping'

In a wide-ranging speech on the provision of UK mental health care, Nick Clegg is expected to call for the media to take greater care of the way it represents the mentally unwell.

  • Urge journalists and those working the media to rely less on negative stereotyping when reporting on the mentally unwell.
  • Extend the same legal rights as those with physical conditions to chose where they go for care, from April.
  • Mr Clegg is to tell the conference that the choice will not be limited to an NHS organisation, and that patients will also be able to choose from a voluntary or independent provider offering services on the NHS when they go to see their GP to seek help.
  • New standards on access and waiting times for mental health services are also to be introduced next year, so that patients will know what kind of treatment to expect and when.
  • The Government is also rolling out the Friends and Family Test to mental health services by the end of this year.

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