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Report finds in-fighting and cash rows in Police Fed

The Police Federation received a damning review which comes in the wake of the "Plebgate" scandal, with some of the membership being accused of pursuing "narrow self-interest". The review found the body was heavily divided into local factions.

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Some in police body 'more interested in internal battles'

The review into the Police Federation has called for a new national board to be set up and led by an elected chairperson to end bitter division within the body and instigate the recommended reforms.

The RSA report said:

We have met leaders at all levels of the Federation who are up for the challenge and understand the urgent need for change.

We have also encountered some who are more interested in fighting internal battles and protecting their own positions.

If the Federation is to succeed to the future, the membership will need to demand an end to internal division and the pursuit of narrow self-interest and get behind those who are ready to lead a programme of fundamental reform.

The report also called for the existing rank committees to be abolished and subscriptions to be sent directly to the central federation rather than regional branches.

Chaired by Sir David Normington, the review found 68% of the membership felt fairly or very dissatisfied that the national leadership was adequately safeguarding their interests.

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