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talkSPORT to stop promoting Twitter over Collymore tweets

talkSPORT has said it will not promote Twitter because of the site's "apparent lack of support" over abusive tweets sent to pundit Stan Collymore. Twitter says it takes action when offensive content is reported. Police are investigating the claims

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Bullying UK: Trolls not beyond the long arm of the law

"Trolling" is straightforwardly bullying, intimidation and harassment perpetrated by a person who feels anonymous because they don't have to use their real identity.

People across the UK - young and old alike -really need to think carefully before they get involved in what they might feel is seemingly harmless and imagine how it may be taken by the person, or their friends and family, on the receiving end.

Actions on the internet can have real consequences and the law is clear that using a communication system to harass or intimidate another person is an offence.

The law protects those on the receiving end of trolling behaviour, as recent cases have shown: trolls are not beyond the long arm of the law

– Jeremy Todd, Family Lives, part of Bullying UK

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