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Collymore reactivates Twitter account after Ulrika report

Football pundit Stan Collymore's Twitter account has been reactivated only hours after it was deleted following a newspaper interview with his former girlfriend Ulrika Jonsson, who called him a "hypocrite."

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Collymore account deactivated after Ulrika comments

Football pundit Stan Collymore's Twitter account was deactivated after his former girlfriend Ulrika Jonsson described the former England striker a "hypocrite" during a newspaper interview.

The Sun published an interview with Jonsson on its front page, during which she described Collymore as a "hypocrite" after the former England striker called on Twitter to tackle the issue of internet trolls after receiving death threats.

She told The Sun: "No one should give this man a platform to claim he is a victim. With his history of violence it is beyond ironic."

Presenter Ulrika Jonsson pictured after being attacked in Paris by Stan Collymore. Credit: PA Wire

Collymore attacked Jonsson in a Paris bar in 1998 World Cup when they were dating.

He apologised blaming petulance, jealousy and too much drink for his actions.

Before his account was deactivated, Collymore hit out at the newspaper and accused Jonsson of "lying and reinventing history".

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