Girl awarded £35,000 after sperm donor mix-up

A four-year old girl has been awarded £35,000 in damages after her mother was given abnormal donor sperm at a leading London fertility clinic, which may result in the girl facing fertility problems when she is older.

A photo of a three-day-old human embryo before the IVF vitrification process Credit: PA Archive

The child's mother attended the London Women's Clinic in Harley Street for IVF treatment using an anonymous sperm donor and gave birth to the baby girl in October 2009.

The four-year-old girl is healthy, but has a rare genetic defect that means she is likely to need IVF if she wants to start a family of her own, as she is at greater risk of miscarriage or giving birth to a child that suffers from severe disabilities.

The clinic's solicitor, Nico Fabri apologised to the mother and daughter for its duty of care failings at a brief hearing in London earlier today.

The mother's solicitor, Matthew Waite said: "My client understandably put her trust in the clinic and expected the care she was paying for to be of the highest standard."

"Choosing to undergo IVF with an anonymous sperm donor was not a decision I made lightly, but I believed the London Women's Clinic was one of the leading fertility centres in the country and I spent £30,000 with the clinic expecting a high-level service," said the mother.