Air traffic control strikes in Europe set to disrupt flights

Airline passengers are likely to face travel disruption over the next two days, as strikes are expected across European Air Traffic Control services.

A man sleeps on his baggage Credit: REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir

The strikes, due to take place in Italy and Portugal, will affect British Airways and easyJet flights to, from and over these countries. BA have said they are planning on using larger planes to help customers affected by cancellations.

The industrial action is being staged by two organisations in protest against the European Commission's Single European Sky initiative, which aims to consolidate air traffic services across the continent, NATS said.

The Air Traffic Controllers European Unions Coordination (ATCEUC) - an umbrella group that represents 14,000 members across 28 countries - is calling the strike for tomorrow, before members of the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF) then walk out on Thursday.

Air traffic controllers in the UK will be working as normal tomorrow and on Thursday, despite industrial action being planned across Europe