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Queen's household told to do more to cut costs

The Queen's royal household could be doing more to reduce its costs and increase income, and needs to get a firmer grip on a backlog of property repairs, according to MPs on the public accounts committee.

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Royal palaces 'cost an absolute fortune' to maintain

Robert Jobson said Buckingham Palace needed major renovation work. Credit: Daybreak/ITV

Royal palaces "cost an absolute fortune" to maintain so it is not surprising the Queen's household has spent as much as it has done, a royal expert told Daybreak.

Robert Jobson defended Her Majesty for not doing more to reduce costs as palaces were already crumbling due to lack of upkeep.

"Basically, these buildings cost an absolute fortune to maintain, [Buckingham] palace in particular is crumbling in certain areas, has not been rewired since the 50s, certain rooms are not even decorated. This is a national monument in my opinion."

He continued: "It could possibly be opened to the public but the truth is that there has been a cut in real terms and so they had to spend the money where they could."

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