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UN welcomes UK's pledge to admit 'most vulnerable' Syrians

The UN Refugee Agency in the UK has welcomed the Government's plans to provide refuge to hundreds of the "most vulnerable" Syrians. But Britain is not signing up to a quota under the UN sanctuary scheme.

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Clegg: UK will admit 'most vulnerable' Syrian refugees

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg last night confirmed that Britain will be accepting refugees from Syria and will now be working with the United nations to identify the "most vulnerable Syrian refugees".

Mr Clegg said: "This conflict is worsening by the day and that's why we need to do more.

"That's why I am pleased to announce that we will now be working with the United Nations to identify the most vulnerable Syrian refugees - particularly women, girls and children - and those who have been subject to sexual violence in this conflict, to provide them with refuge here in Britain."

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