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Michael Gove vows to break down education's 'Berlin Wall'

Education Secretary Michael Gove is vowing to break down the "Berlin Wall" between state and private schools in education. In a keynote speech today, Mr Gove said state schools were no longer 'bog standard'.

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Gove: Teachers should not be afraid to 'get tough'

Education Secretary Michael Gove, who has long railed against "trendy" teaching methods, said he wanted to send a message to teachers that they should not be afraid to "get tough" on bad behaviour in school.

Writing lines is tedious, monotonous, boring - and a perfect punishment for bad behaviour. Children need to learn the importance of strong discipline and to understand that misbehaving at school has consequences.

We are making crystal clear to teachers that telling children to write lines is an entirely appropriate punishment.

These new guidelines will give teachers the confidence to be tougher on bad behaviour and ensure every child has the chance to learn in a controlled, orderly environment.

– Education Secretary Michael Gove

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