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Michael Gove vows to break down education's 'Berlin Wall'

Education Secretary Michael Gove is vowing to break down the "Berlin Wall" between state and private schools in education. In a keynote speech today, Mr Gove said state schools were no longer 'bog standard'.

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ITV News readers share views on school punishments

ITV News readers have been sharing their views on new guidelines for teachers on dealing with misbehaving pupils in school.

The proposals include writing lines as well as more controversial, community-service style sanctions like picking up litter and cleaning up graffiti.

Having taught in behavioural schools where some of the hardest-to-teach children can be disciplined, I assure him [Michael Gove] there is little he can teach most in the profession. How about handing some power back to them instead of constantly undermining them.

– Karlene

Something needs to be done. I am sick and tired of my sons' education being disrupted by unruly kids who the teachers have no control over.

– Annie

Children are a product of their environment, change the environment with loving support, clear enforceable and reasonable boundaries - then you will have children and later in life individuals worth knowing.

– Tracey

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