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Michael Gove vows to break down education's 'Berlin Wall'

Education Secretary Michael Gove is vowing to break down the "Berlin Wall" between state and private schools in education. In a keynote speech today, Mr Gove said state schools were no longer 'bog standard'.

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Gove should stop 'messing' with national curriculum

Christine Blower, leader of the National Union of Teachers has accused Education Secretary Michael Gove of "messing with the national curriculum" and challenged him to visit more state schools.

"We would like him to walk around a lot more state schools, not just free schools and academies that are state funded. He would see there are plenty places doing after school clubs, sport and drama," said Blower.

"It would also be a good idea if Michael Gove stopped messing about with national curriculum and allowed the kind of curriculum freedoms that exists in some schools to exist in all schools," she said.

Blower added that Gove was "absolutely wrong" on his suggestion that more testing in schools is needed and claimed his calls for more power and freedom for teachers' to discipline students implied that state schools are "chaotic".

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