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Facebook rejects calls to ban 'neknomination' drinking game

Facebook has rejected calls from the Irish government to ban pages and videos linked to the "neknomination" drinking game after the death of two young men were linked to the online craze.

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Public health groups warn of 'neknomination' dangers

Pressure groups, health agencies and ministers have urged young people not to participate in the 'neknomination' online drinking game after the deaths of two young men in Ireland were linked to the craze.

Northern Ireland's Public Health Agency warned of the dangers of the craze, while Pubs of Ulster chief executive Colin Neill condemned the practice and called on people not to pressurise friends and peers into "downing crazy amounts of alcohol".

The Union of Students in Ireland warned young people of the dangers of taking part, reminding the public of the potential impact it may have on others.

Professor Frank Murray, of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, said more deaths are likely from such extreme binge drinking.

Ireland's Children's Minister Frances Fitzgerald also warned young people that they are putting their lives at risk with their attitude to drink.

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