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Facebook rejects calls to ban 'neknomination' drinking game

Facebook has rejected calls from the Irish government to ban pages and videos linked to the "neknomination" drinking game after the death of two young men were linked to the online craze.

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Teenager's brother urges public to avoid drinking craze

The brother of an Irish teenager who drowned after reportedly taking part in the 'neknomination' drinking craze has appealed to the public to avoid the stunt.

Jonny Byrne, 19, from Carlow in Ireland, drowned after taking part in the game which sees people being challenged to post a video online of them downing drinks, then nominating others to do the same inside 24 hours.

Jonny Byrne's brother has changed his profile picture to urge others not to participate in the craze. Credit: Facebook

Patrick Byrne expressed his frustration over his brother's death and urged others not to participate in the game on his Facebook page.

"My young 19-year-old brother died tonight in the middle of his nomination... he thought he had to try and beat the competition, after he necked his pint, he jumped into the river. If people have any decency and respect they will refrain from anymore of this stupid neknomination."

He also changed his profile picture on the social media site to say "Stop 'Neknomination' Before it's too Late. Share This."

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