'Almost 3/4' disapprove of IVF in menopausal women

Some 72% disagree with women using IVF to conceive a baby when they are passed their childbearing years, a poll has found.

Around a quarter thought the IVF age limit should be lowered to 40, the poll showed. Credit: PA

Research, carried out alongside a documentary on older mothers, also showed how one quarter did not believe women should bring babies into the world past the age of 40 and men should stop at 43.

Over 2,000 people were quizzed across the UK and 31% of those said the current NHS limit for IVF, 42, is too old.

A further 26% supported lowering the age limit to 40 for either IVF on the NHS or private treatment.

When asked what was the ideal age for women to have their first baby, 27 was the most popular age.