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Ed Miliband to call for faster flooding insurance claims

Insurance bosses will meet ministers to discuss their response to the flood crisis. Victims have received £14m in emergency payments so far. Ed Miliband will call for faster processing of insurance claims when he too meets industry representatives.

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Somerset locals call for 'flood tourists' to 'stay away'

People affected by flooding that has devastated the Somerset Levels have criticised what they have called "flood tourists".

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A Facebook post criticising "flood tourists" on the Flooding on the Levels Action Group (FLAG). Credit: Facebook

Posting in the Flooding on the Levels Action Group, Facebook user Helen Ridler said she was angered to see "flood tourists with their kids, cameras and dogs" in Burrowbridge.

"If you are not doing something useful please stay away," she wrote.

Helen Ridler's comments, posted at 1:30pm GMT today, have quickly garnered support. Christopher Hampshire added: "It was the same here at Muchelney last Sunday.

"Luckily most of them stayed on the Langport side but hindered access to the relief boats for locals.

"Lots giving it a good coat of looking at but didn't hear a single word offering help or any expressions of empathy or desire to find out what it was like for us."

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