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'Four in 10' autistic children informally excluded from school

Some 40% of autistic children have been informally sent out of the classroom on a temporary basis, according to a mental health charity. Research from Ambitious About Autism found four in 10 autistic children were illegally forced to miss school.

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30% of parents 'asked to keep autistic child at home'

Three out of every 10 parents with an autistic child in the UK have been asked to keep them at home, a disability charity has found.

Ambitious About Autism found of the 70,785 children who have autism:

  • More than half of them were kept out of school by their parents who did not feel their child had the right support at school.
  • One fifth (20%) had their child formally excluded from school in the last twelve months.
  • Two fifths (40%) of parents had been asked to collect their child at an unscheduled time.
  • The report also pointed out teachers were struggling with autistic pupils - 60% of educators felt they did not have enough training to deal with a student who had the disability.

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