Beth Tweddle urges public to report online abuse

Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle has called on the public to help those behind big social networking sites better police online trolls.

Beth Tweddle was subjected to abuse during an online question and answer session for Sky. Credit: PA

The Dancing On Ice star was the victim of abuse on Twitter last month and urged users to report any abuse they saw online.

"For me, Facebook and Twitter are all massive sites, they have got the key features of reporting it (abuse) - you can email them or you can get hold of them to say you have had a problem with the site.

"But it is also a case of the general public helping them - if they see something they are not happy with or they feel it is abuse against them or someone else then report it."

The triple world champion added: "It is just a case of 'when you send that, before you press send, how far do you want it to go?' If your Nan saw it, would she be pleased with it?"