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Ed Miliband to call for faster flooding insurance claims

Insurance bosses will meet ministers to discuss their response to the flood crisis. Victims have received £14m in emergency payments so far. Ed Miliband will call for faster processing of insurance claims when he too meets industry representatives.

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3 in 4 Brits think Government 'not in control' of floods

Nearly three quarters of Brits (72%) now think the Government does not appear in control of the flooding situation.

Only a fifth (20%) agree that the Government is doing enough to help those affected by the flooding and storms a ComRes poll for ITV News found.

Seventy-two per cent of those questioned thought the Government does not appear in control of the situation. Credit: ITV News

The number of those who disagree that Government and environmental agencies have responded well the recent flooding has increased dramatically from 39% when the floods first hit in the new year, to 62% today.

There has also been a more than 10% rise in the number of people who do not think that Britain is equipped to deal with the weather it is likely to face over the next five years.

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