Prince Philip laughs off swearing Grenadier Guard

The Duke of Edinburgh was given a real taste of Army life with some colourful barrack-room language as he visited the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards at Aldershot.

Normally, soldiers are on their best behaviour for a royal visit, but one player in a football match could not contain himself from complaining in no uncertain terms how tired he was after being substituted in a game between corporals and guardsmen.

Doubled up in pain and exhaustion on the touchline, the soldier appeared unaware Prince Philip was standing only five yards away as he went through a lexicon of swear words to describe his agony.

"Are you all right? asked the Duke, who was talking to a group of sergeants on the touchline. "No, I'm f*****," said the soldier, still bent double with his head down.

Philip, 92, no stranger to the odd swear word after a career in the Royal Navy, laughed and then continued to chuckle away to himself as the substituted player finally looked up and walked off looking slightly sheepish.