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Paedophile group chair: Harman 'didn't want to rock the boat'

The former chairman of a paedophile rights group has claimed Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman failed to take action to oust them from a civil rights body which she worked for in the 1970s as she "didn't want to rock the boat".

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  1. Tom Bradby

Harman's reaction to Daily Mail is pure emotion

The National Council for Civil Liberties was a very mainstream organisation at that time, the pre-cursor to Liberty, if you like.

Most people here actually think the idea that this horrible paedophile organisation was allowed to affiliate and that the NCCL had totally open affiliate policy is bonkers.

Harriet Harman Credit: REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Quite lot of people in the Labour Party think it might have been better for Harriet Harman to just say "yes, that was crazy," to accept the deal and apologise and move on.

But as you see in my interview, she is clearly very upset about it.

She is upset because her point is: "I've spent my whole life campaigning for children, for women, for the dispossessed and here I am being accused of helping the very people I was fighting against all the time."

When it was question of Ed Miliband against The Daily Mail with the attack on Ed Miliband's father, there was emotion too, but there was an element of political calculation.

Ed Miliband wanted to be seen taking on the big newspaper organisations.

With this, I've got to say, it's pure emotion.

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