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'Dyslexia' term should be scrapped, say experts

Educational experts have said the term "dyslexia" should be scrapped because it is unscientific and lacks educational value.

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Parents 'woefully mislead' about 'value' of dyslexia

Parents are being "woefully mislead" about the "value" a dyslexia diagnosis will have on the life and education of their child, an expert in learning difficulties has said.

In the book The Dyslexia Debate, Professor Julian Elliott said more should be done on getting children to read rather than focusing on diagnosing them with a specific problem.

In every country, and in every language, a significant proportion of children struggle to master the skill of reading and some will continue to find it difficult throughout their childhood and into adulthood.

It is very easy for teachers to identify such children. The hardship and difficulties that typically result are often incapacitating, undermining and distressing.

Typically, we search for a diagnostic label when we encounter problems because we believe that this will point to the best form of treatment.

– Professor Julian Elliott

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