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Hyde Park bomb suspect cancels homecoming party

A party to mark the release of the Hyde Park bomb suspect, whose trial collapsed sparking a political crisis, has been cancelled.

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PM: It is right to get to the bottom of what happened

The Prime Minister said he accepted calls for a "full, independent examination" of a Government scheme to deal with on-the-run republicans, after Democratic Unionist (DUP) First Minister Peter Robinson threatened to resign.

I agree with the First Minister of Northern Ireland that, after the terrible error in the (John) Downey case, it is right to get to the bottom of what happened.

The case has already been referred to the Police Ombudsman but, as the First Minister has said, we should have a full, independent examination of the whole operation of this scheme.

So I can announce today that we will appoint an independent judge to produce a full public account of the operation of this administrative scheme to determine whether any other letters were sent in error.

– Prime Minister David Cameron

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