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Filthy water floods London homes after water main bursts

A major road in South London was closed by the emergency services last night after homes were flooded with filthy water as a result of a burst water main.

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Resident describe 'revolting, brown, muddy water'

Residents close to where a water main burst have described seeing "revolting, brown" water flowing down a south London road.

Pictures have shown murky water flowing down Clapham Road in Kennington, south London as firefighters battle to contain the situation.

Several roads in London have been closed after a burst main caused major disruption in the area. Credit: PA Wire

"The road has been made into a river. It's a bit like Somerset," Angela Reynolds, 58, said.

"It's not clear how they are going to stop it. The water is revolting, brown, muddy - well I hope it's mud.

"There are lots of basements around here. One of the houses has already been badly flooded. The water just flooded the road in 10 minutes. It was quite incredible."

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