Sales of e-cigarettes 'booming'

The e-cigarette market is "booming" to the point where sales of traditional aids used to kick the habit are dwindling, experts have said.

Smokers are increasingly turning to e-cigarettes to stop smoking, with the market swelling by 340% over the last 12 months, according to analysts Mintel.

E-cigarettes provide a hit of nicotine and some fear they reinforce the behaviour of smoking. Credit: PA

However, sales of nicotine replacement gum, tablets and patches have lost their usual momentum of 6-10% growth and slowed to only 1.7%.

Mintel senior personal care analyst Roshida Khanom said the rapid growth could be explained by the number of smokers using them to quit:

"Although e-cigarettes are largely marketed as an alternative to smoking, smokers have been using them to cut down or quit smoking."