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Salmond likens Osborne to Thatcher in sterling row

Alex Salmond has compared George Osborne’s warnings over Scottish independence and ruling out of sharing sterling with Margaret Thatcher’s infamous “sermon on the mound” to Scottish Christians 25 years ago.

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Only 32% 'would vote yes to Scottish independence'

The 'no' camp remains firmly in the lead ahead of September's Scottish independence referendum, according to the STV poll Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire

Scotland remains unlikely to vote in favour of independence in September's referendum, a new poll has suggested.

The survey by Ipsos Mori for STV News found 57% saying they would vote 'No', compared to 32% voting in favour of secession and 11% who are still undecided.

STV's polling indicated little change in the last three months.

There was some hope for independence campaigners, though: the poll results indicated those currently undecided would be more inclined to a 'Yes' vote come decision day on 18 September.

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